He had stopped eating and drinking to marry a girl older than himself, Atif Aslam

I am very happy in my life with my wife Sarah, interview

KARACHI: Pakistani singer Atif Aslam has revealed that he fell in love with a girl older than himself in college and went on a hunger strike to marry her. Singer Atif Aslam, while revealing about his first love in an interview, said, “Before marriage, he fell in love with a girl in college and the love was intense.

Atif Aslam said that college days are such that a person just sits and does such stupid things. He also had this stupidity. Atif Aslam said that he was around 23 years old at that time. Has a new love and you go crazy, he told his mother about this love, then his mother was surprised to say that he has 3 older brothers, none of whom are married yet How to marry you, I was not earning anything at that time.

He said that his mother had asked him how he would support his wife after marriage and where he would feed her and the girl was older than him to which he replied to his mother that there was no age to get married. There is no measure, he will marry this girl. ‘Atif Aslam said that’ he had stopped eating and drinking at home for 2 to 3 days, one day his mother came to him crying to eat. He did not see his mother crying and he gave up his intention to get married. Atif Aslam said, “Now I am very happy in my life with my wife Sarah.”

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