Bollywood actors fall in love with Hollywood actors

Katrina Kaif’s heart beats at the name of Hollywood hot actor Robert Pattinson

Mumbai (Dailynewstoknow Latest – Online. May 19, 2021) Fans of movie stars are found all over the world, if women die on male actors, then male actors are found to be in one-sided love. But Bollywood actors are in love with Hollywood actors. Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone are Bollywood stars who have millions of fans all over the world, but did you know that the Indian film industry shines on the horizon? These stars are also captives of other celebrities. Yes !!! Crush Hollywood celebrities from Shah Rukh to Deepika, the article under review mentions some of these Bollywood crush Hollywood stars.

Millions of girls die on Bollywood’s King Khan, but his crush is Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who has been named the world’s ‘most attractive woman’, although ‘Baazigar’ has yet to act in a Hollywood film. No, but he publicly announces that if he gets a role opposite Angelina Jolie, he will not hesitate to sign the film to become the ‘giant’ of his crush.

Deepika is one of those Bollywood stars who can make anyone crazy about her beauty. Bollywood’s glamorous Leonardo DiCaprio is the heartbeat of millions but Deepika’s every day ends with Leonardo. Deepika has confessed her love for Leonardo several times in her interviews. In the interview, it was revealed that she has a step-by-step picture of the Hollywood star in her room and she kisses this picture every night before going to bed.

Katrina Kaif has millions of hearts beating because of her attractive personality, but her heart beats in the name of hot Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson. In a recent interview, Katrina revealed that she loves the ‘Twilight’ actor and Robert is her ‘crush’. He also revealed that he is very impressed with the acting style and ‘attractive personality’ of the Twilight actor.

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