In Dubai, a husband’s abusive treatment of his wife shook humanity

Dalit sentences Arab man to 15 months in prison and heavy fines for torturing and imprisoning his wife

Dubai (Urdu Point Latest Newspaper – May 5, 2021) In a Dubai court, a woman told such stories of her husband’s cruelty and abusive treatment that even humanity was shaken to hear. What kind of cruelty would this cruel Arab husband have inflicted on his wife? Everyone in the court who heard the shameful deeds of the shameless husband, repented.

According to the Khaleej Times, a court has sentenced an Arab man to 15 months in prison and a fine of 179,000 rupees for detaining his wife, torturing and abusing her. The accused will also be deported after the completion of his sentence. During the trial, the victim said that her abusive husband kept her under house arrest and tortured her.

He even forced her to drink urine. Her brutal husband beat her with an electric wire and burned her body with hot sharpened tools, causing her to scream in agony, but this ruthless man did not show the slightest mercy. Continuous violence. He had scars on his body and the pain was excruciating. He was almost strangled several times and almost killed.

Shave his hair and eyebrows. He heated a fork and burned her body, even punched her and broke one of her teeth, and several times tied her hands and feet and beat her with an electric wire. She endured this persecution for many months. The maid of the woman’s house also confirmed the inhumane treatment by her employer and said that her mistress was locked in a room for a month and beaten.

He was not even allowed to enter the locked room. The woman’s forensic report found signs of burns and scratches on her body. However, the husband said he did not abuse his wife. He was having an affair with someone else. She is lying. When he told his wife to divorce him for his infidelity, he became enraged and injured himself. However, the court rejected the accused’s position on the basis of medical reports and testimonies and ordered him to pay a fine of 179,000 dirhams with 15 months imprisonment.

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