In two weeks, 16 prominent Indian showbiz personalities were killed in Corona

Mumbai (Latest – Online. May 07, 2021) Neighboring India is currently suffering from the worst conditions during the second wave of Corona and two to three and a half thousand people are dying daily due to the epidemic in the last two weeks. The highest number of deaths in India since the onset of Corona was recorded on May 6, with 3,980 people killed for the first time there.

After the record number of deaths, the total number of deaths in India reached 230,168, while on May 6, after another 4,12,262 people were infected with corona, the number of victims there rose to 21,077,410. While the general public is vulnerable to the epidemic in India during the second wave of Corona, political, social and showbiz personalities are also falling prey to it and 16 actors have died due to Corona in the last two weeks. ۔

According to two separate reports in the Indian Express, Tamil and Telugu film actor Pando, including Hindi, Tamil and Telugu film actress Shri Prada, died on May 6 due to Corona. His condition worsened, prompting him to be taken to hospital, where he died on May 6.

Indu was 74 years old and had acted in most Tamil films and was a well-known actor in the South Indian film industry. According to another report in the Indian Express, Corona is the actress in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. Shri Prada also passed away due to Corona. Indian newspaper India Today reported that actress Abhilasha Patel, who acted in Bollywood films like Chhachhore, Badrinath’s Bride and Good News, also passed away due to Corona.

Even before all three actors died of corona on the same day, at least one Indian actor, actress or showbiz person died daily from corona every day for the past two weeks. At least 13 showbiz personalities have died in the last two weeks. Other famous showbiz personalities killed by Acorona include actors from films like Hate Story, Page 3, Murder 2 and Salesman. Musician Sharan Rathore is included.

Sharan Rathore worked with musician Nadeem as a duo and was considered one of the most popular music duos of 1990. The duo was named Nadeem Sharan. Actor Satish Kal, shooter Dadi, Chandra Tomar, singer Pandit Rajan Mishra, actor Vera Sthidar, actress Kanupriya, actor Naveen and actor Kishore Nand Laskar also passed away. A total of 16 celebrities, including Indian actors, artists, producers, journalists and bodybuilders, have died in the past two weeks due to Corona.

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