Raveena Tandon Is Annoyed Over Peoples’ Careless Attitude Towards COVID-19

The Bollywood Star who had earlier received her first jab of COVID-19 has urged people to get vaccinated.

MUMBAI: (DailynewstoKnow – May 3rd, 2021) Bollywood Star Raveena Tandon urged Indian to get vaccinated as surge in COVID-19 continued in India.

The actress Raveena Tandon who received her first jab of COVID-19 was annoyed at the attitude of people towards it.

She said: “Many people are under the misconception that if you have vaccinated, or have recovered from COVID-19, you have got kryptonite. You cannot become a superman. In fact, a lot of people become careless, thinking, ‘Now, we’ve got vaccinated, why we need to care? That’s wrong,”.

Raveena said: “You can still get it, there can be a relapse.

Vaccination is absolutely important, we will be protected, but we can also be carriers. Vaccine doesn’t guarantee you 100 percent efficacy but it definitely protects you from a full blown case,”.

She said: “This “carefree attitude and unawareness” has come at a cost. “I see youngsters in cars without masks… it has become such a risky situation,”.

Although, there is compete lockdown. She is quite happy she had finished all her professional deals before COVID-19 restrictions, she added.

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