China Hopes US Review On N. Korea To Focus On Diplomacy Rather Than Pressure – Envoy To UN

UNITED NATIONS (DailynewstoKnow News / Sputnik – 04th May, 2021) Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jung said in a press conference that he hoped the US policy review on North Korea will emphasize diplomatic efforts rather than pressure.

“We need to have further studies on the result of the review that will be really something we need to look at very carefully,” Zhang said on Monday. “We also hope that the review will be giving more emphasis to diplomatic efforts, to dialogue, instead of emphasizing too much the importance of extreme pressure.”

Zhang expressed hope that the United States and North Korea will refrain from provocative actions and continue their efforts towards the resumption of a dialogue on the nuclear issue.

In addition, Zhang said he believed the UN Security Council should consider adjusting and eventually lifting the sanctions imposed against North Korea.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday said that under the new US policy toward North Korea, Washington would continue to pursue the denuclearization of the peninsula but would not focus on achieving “a grand bargain.”

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