Polyend Artist Version Trackers: Worth, Particulars, Artists

“This {hardware} and software program provides you limitations,” says Polyend CEO Piotr Raczyński (no relation to Bogdan Raczynski, the musician he collaborated with). “When you might have a DAW these days with any pc, you may have hundreds of tracks and hundreds of results. That’s tempting, and it may be somewhat intimidating. However right here you don’t have any fancy graphics. You need to take heed to it; the primary receptor is your ears. This limitation provides you a sort of freedom that you do not have to think about the method anymore.”

Trackers first emerged within the late Eighties. Karsten Obarski, a online game sound designer, created a program known as Final Soundtracker for the Commodore Amiga as a technique to streamline the method of scoring video games. The idea proliferated from there, inspiring comparable packages like OctaMED and Renoise. The signature 8-bit sound samples of trackers turned a staple of online game soundtracks and have been used to attain video games like the unique Deus Ex and Unreal. Trackers additionally turned instrumental to the ’90s rave scene, due to the convenience with which customers have been capable of shortly whip up frenetic, danceable beats utilizing only a laptop computer keyboard. Polyend’s alternative to mix that performance with retro enchantment to make a slick {hardware} controller was impressed by not a small quantity of nostalgia.

“If ‘retro enchantment’ is code for ‘nerdy,’ then sure, trackers are (not completely) for geeks,” Bogdan Raczynski says. “Musical evolution owes an immeasurable debt to the nerds who’ve moonshot digital music to the place it’s right now.”

Raczyński and Raczynski met at a 2019 live performance in Poland the place Bogdan was performing. (By the way, Legowelt was enjoying on the identical live performance.) Polyend’s Tracker was nonetheless within the prototype section then. Bogdan, who had been utilizing tracker software program for the reason that ’90s on albums like Samurai Math Beats and Rave Until You Cry, provided recommendation that formed how the {hardware} developed.

“He confirmed me what was going good, what perhaps wants bettering,” Piotr says. “That was a really, crucial level of the event of this.”

For Bogdan, the inspiration for his customized Polyend tracker—a shiny yellow design named “BANANS”—got here from a sequence of Instagram posts that featured the titular fruit. He wrote on his web site that the design was meant to “evoke a way of pleasure” that might encourage customers to gleefully discover the system.

“The beauty of each instrument, from trumpets to trackers, and the Tracker, is that they are only a medium,” Bogdan says. “Anybody can choose up a saxophone, however no person will ever sound like Gato Barbieri. It’s misguided to hope to sound like anybody else. The Tracker is an instrument that empowers you with a possibility to specific your self in a manner that you just aren’t capable of with some other instrument.”

Should you miss out on this spherical of Polyend’s limited-edition {hardware}, remember that the corporate can be growing one other new product with artistic enter from the digital musician Aphex Twin. Count on that collaboration to return out subsequent 12 months.

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